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    It’s business as usual.

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    GDPR compliant

    If ever there was a reason to get moving on your digital plan or strategy, now is the time!

    The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has put a spotlight on how business is run, and how they continue to offer services or products to their customers. Businesses have had to adapt working conditions for staff, meetings and travel, point of sale and communication almost overnight.

    The importance of being online is extremely evident!

    Banter has implemented a satellite-working environment allowing us to continue providing the support and services our clients require during this difficult time. We are geared up and all systems go!

    Your Support

    Banter would like to assure you that we committed and ready to assist you with any additional digital requirements you may need. We are happy to setup a Zoom call to chat through any of your concerns and ideas.

    Every day lost is a day later you will launch. Time is of the essence.

    Only by working together, can we truly take control of our situation. For more information, the?World?Health Organisation website?is an excellent resource with?regards to general hygiene advice and recommendations.

    Let’s do this!

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