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    We’re great at what we do. Digital.
    We’re great at what we do. Digital.

    We’re a leading boutique Digital & Creative Design Agency!
    Banter combines digital design with the latest global trends and technology.

    Simply put: Awesome work created by great people.


    Banter is a full 360° digital agency, here to make your brand stand out!
    We offer a variety of services that can help make your business a success by keeping it on the right side of the digital curve.

    Specialising in taking your business into the digital world. Successfully!

    What we’re Blogging about

    10 essential tips for your e-commerce website!

    10 essential tips for your e-commerce website!

    E-commerce websites have come along way in the last 10 years, with the US, UK and Asia leading the way in online shopping.In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US...

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    Are you GDPR compliant?

    Are you GDPR compliant?

    Gone are the old days of geographical isolation, where an instance in one country would not affect another country half way across the world. The global village couldn’t be truer today than when it was first introduced?by?the?book?War?and?Peace?in?the?Global?Village...

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    Important Changes to Google Maps APIs.

    Important Changes to Google Maps APIs.

    At this point it kind of feels like digital dominos with the changes coming in thick and fast, one after the other in the ever changing digital landscape. Now lets talk about the new important changes to Google Maps API. We previously brought your attention to the...

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    Digital Workshops to Empower You

    Discover all the most important aspects of social media marketing, website blogging and email marketing in our hands-on digital workshops! As a business, the greatest challenge in facing your digital marketing is the lack of know-how. Our workshops transform and enable you to handle your digital marketing needs head on!


    Content Planning

    Harness the power of Content Marketing at one of our Content Planning Workshops.

    Email Marketing

    Deliver tailored and targeted email marketing.

    Facebook Marketing

    Discover strategies for success to super-charge your Facebook business results.

    Instagram Marketing

    Nurture your customers with a brand experience through imagery.

    Twitter Marketing

    Enrich your business through Twitter business strategies.

    Website & Blogging

    Power up your business with web updates and blogging.
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